African Union Group

African Union for Import and Export

We are one of the major companies specialized in the field of import and export and international shipping to others, whether by air freight ( air ) or shipping by ship ( sea ) and our activity consists of the following :

Air Freight & Sea Freight

We are agents for major airlines such as Egyptair Air Cargo, Turkish Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Air Morocco, and Sudan Airways  .

We are agents for major shipping agencies such as : ( CMA – TARROS – SEAGO (Sealand Line) – MARESK LINE )

We have several agents in all African countries in  : ( Nigeria – Benin – Sudan – Uganda – Ghana – Kenya – Tanzania – Libya – Tunisia – Morocco – Algeria – and other countries )

We can export and import for our advantage or for third parties, As we own our warehouses to facilitate storage in Cairo, Giza and highways, we have a fleet of internal transport vehicles, we have professionals in the field of shipping goods in terms of packaging, loading, transportation and shipping .


Misr For Manufacturing And Rolling Threads

We are one of the leading companies in the field of burning, editing, dyeing and recycling yarns
Our production lines are state-of-the-art technology
We are one of the largest exporters of yarns in African countries
We have a large assortment of colors to suit every taste

African Union for the Manufacture and Engraving of Pipes and Plastic Industry

As an extension of our success in the field of import and export led to our transformation to the field of industry and already established a factory on an area of approximately 3000 meters in the industrial city of Abu Rawash behind the Smart Village and the factory activity as follows :
Injection, manufacture and coating of curtain pipe accessories as well as all kitchen accessories .
We have a nickel metal coating unit with the latest machines to paint pipe accessories and all kinds of metals .
We have machines to engrave curtains pipes with the latest discussions that satisfy all tastes
We export more than 90% of our production to African and Arab countries .