We are a Group of African Union Companies Serving the Domestic and Foreign Market Since 1993 and we have a Great History in the Areas of Service and Industrial and the Group Consists of Several Companies are :-

1- African Union for Import and Export and Customs Clearance .

2- African Union for Engraving Curtains Pipes and Manufacturing Plastic and Iron Accessories .

3- Misr For Manufacturing And Rolling Threads .

4- Misr For Dyeing and Processing .

5- ACA Pharma for Pharmaceuticals .

We have been Working in the Egyptian Market for more than 25 Years and we have many Successes in the Foreign Markets and the Group of Companies Established with Capital and a Group of Egyptian Partners and Administrative and Egyptian Labor .


Our Customers

We have a lot of Customers who are Happy to Serve them and Work to meet their needs of High Quality Products Our motto is Honesty, Confidentiality and Sincerity in the Work .